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Division of Student Affairs

学生会 Association 2022-2023

"Student Affairs Cares"

The 学生会 Association (SGA) is a crucial part of student life at Jackson State University. The SGA serves as the voice of the student body, representing their interests 和关切 to the administration. SGA provides students with an opportunity to become involved in their university community and to make a positive impact on their campus.

The primary function of the SGA is to serve as a liaison between the students and the administration. It provides a platform for students to voice their opinions, 建议, 和关切, and works to address these issues through effective communication and collaboration with the university administration. SGA also plays an important role in shaping university policy, through initiatives and projects aimed at improving student life and the overall campus community.

In addition to advocating for student rights and interests, the SGA also serves as a resource for students, providing information on university programs and services, and offering support and guidance on a wide range of topics. SGA also plays a vital role in promoting school spirit and building community on campus through various events and activities.


 学生会 Association 2022-2023



学生会 Association | 总统


学生会 Association | 副总统

SGA | Executive Branch

参谋长 艾琳Eatmen
执行秘书 劳伦寺庙
秘书 of Treasury 迈克尔-约翰逊
秘书 of Public Relations 咏叹调布伦特
秘书 of 研究生 Affairs N/A
秘书 of 学术事务 罗马布朗
秘书 of Student Affairs Mackenzie威廉姆斯
秘书 of Athletic Affairs Deontae格雷厄姆
Photographer/Videographer N/A
Web Coordinator/ Historian Kyla托马斯

SGA | Legislative Branch

Speaker of the Senate 林赛鲁弗斯
参议院临时议员 斯蒂芬妮·休斯
Legislative 秘书 伊森瑞克斯
警卫官 N/A
Senior Class Senator Mikinya LaGrone
Senior Class Senator N/A
初级班参议员 Airin这部剧
初级班参议员 布兰登·费雪
Sophomore Class Senator 那时候埃文斯
Sophomore Class Senator N/A
Freshman Class Senator N/A
Freshman Class Senator N/A
学生会议员 Courtni萨顿
学生会议员 Jenaia普尔
学生会议员 Antionne卖家
学生会议员 阿斯彭Treadwell
学生会议员 Amber Alise Anderson
学生会议员 耶利米科尼利厄斯
Student Body (At Large) Senator 肯尼迪萨姆纳
Student Body (At Large) Senator 玉杰克逊

SGA | Assembly Members

首席大法官 莱拉Woodfork
助理法官 Latavius约翰逊
助理法官 Chrisonti索恩
助理法官 Monyea柯林斯
助理法官 Christany利兢丝
法院书记 Jasmyn布拉格

SGA | Department of Justice

总检察长 肯尼迪哈里森
Deputy 总检察长 Jordyn杰克逊
公设辩护律师 Makenzie格里尔
审计师 琼斯家和项目主研人阿
Election Commissioner 达拉Tuggle
Election Commissioner 约旦格林伍德

SGA | Senior Class Council

总统 凯拉哈德逊
副总统 Jalisa巴恩斯
秘书 麦金利约翰逊
财务主管 Keanna亚伯拉罕

SGA | Junior Class Council

总统 Quandavius Gilliam
副总统 以斯拉斯奈尔
秘书 哈雷•欧文斯
财务主管 KC西姆斯

SGA | Sophomore Class Council

总统 坎迪斯Mongo
副总统 Anealia瑞安
秘书 考特妮·史密斯
财务主管 Aniya乔治

Division of Student Affairs


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